Is it True That in Any Diet There are Periods When You Don’t Lose Weight?

Many times someone follows a diet and reduces several kilos and then the weight loss stops. That’s when you’ll hear about the plateau period in diets. That means that, for some mysterious reason, in any weight loss regimen there is a stage when you don’t lose a single gram.

If you’ve ever had something like this happen to you, you’ve probably been advised to reduce your calories even more or exercise more intensively. Putting an extra strain on your body and mind surely resulted in you dropping out of the diet, or else you wouldn’t be reading this book. The truth is that plateau periods does not exist. If your body functions well chemically and follows a proper diet, you will never stop losing weight.

One week may come down more than the other, but that can be for a variety of reasons, such as sodium retention. The fact is that little or much, the descending scale will not stop until you arrange it. You can confidently start this program without fear of getting stuck on a plateau.

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How to choose the right foods?

Many of the diets he has probably followed included skim yogurt, bananas, kiwis and other foods, spread throughout the day. This diet is different because it will protect you from the powerful insulin discharges that cause hypoglycemia. Nothing is more sugar-filled than yogurt, even if skimmed, a banana or kiwi.

These and other foods, which are highly recommended for weight loss, have no effect. But it is not because of the calories added since this is not the serious thing. The danger lies in the amount of rapidly digested carbohydrates that lead to the bloodstream glucose flurries.

We already know the result: the higher the glucose, the more hormonal response and, therefore, we fall back into hypoglycemia, with which, surely, our fat soul will clamor for more yogurts, more bananas, and more kiwis. That’s why we list foods that have to do with calories, but also the amount of sugar in each food.

Before choosing what to eat, check these lists. Think of this regime as revolutionary, unlike any other you’ve done and, therefore, your rules about which foods are “good” or “not so convenient” are not the same.

Is it true that the first kilos lost don’t count because they are water?

Many times people think that when starting a diet the first thing they do is to deflate, and they don’t give much importance to those first kilos. “It’s water,” they say as if it wasn’t enough. And yet, removing excess water from your body is also taking excess weight out of it. In addition, in the metabolism of fats, our body breaks them down until they finally become liquid. It is likely then that liquid removal is precisely indicating that the fats have begun to dissolve.

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