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shapewearI’m a new mom. It’s an amazing time and it has been a wonderful experience. Having my beautiful bundle of joy has been extremely fulfilling and it certainly has kept me busy! But as I have settled into my new role in life, what I certainly haven’t settled into is my new post-partum body.

I know, I know. I am supposed to be all ecstatic about what I have accomplished and I should just be content with my body, because of what it’s been through. And yes, I feel like I am strong. I am proud to have created life. I am thankful that I have brought a new life into this world. But, I still am not willing to sit around and not do anything about the way my body looks. Not just for me, but also for my baby.

One of the first things I did after having my baby was search for some good quality and affordable shapewear. I knew I couldn’t get right into exercising; not only did I need to let my body heal, but where would I even find the time? Between feeding and changing the baby and trying to find some time to sleep, there was just no way I was going to be hitting the gym!

Still, I wanted to feel comfortable in my clothes. I wanted to still look nice when people came around to visit and I wanted to feel confident and not worried that my tummy would be poking out. Plus, shapewear can help compress the uterus and get you back into pre-pregnancy shape much faster!

That’s why I was so happy to find Mirror Essentials! It’s a great online store that has super high quality products, including shapewear to help this post-partum momma look and feel great!

They have bras and camis and even arm shapers (ok. I have to admit. I didn’t know arm shapers were a thing, but I am really intrigued!), but my favorite things are their high waisted, tummy control panties. They are comfortable, yet they are able to pull everything in and keep my tummy tight. I love to wear them under my jeans, pants, or even sweats!

The website is super simple to use, has great prices and is always having a great sale (like the January clearance sale going on right now!) They say that shipping takes a little longer than usual, because they purchase at closeout prices from large companies. They ship to all over the world and they say shipping can take up to 24 days. However, I haven’t had a negative experience with the wait and the prices are completely worth the wait!

Each item has a specific sizing chart, which is extremely useful when buying shapewear! So, you can be sure that whatever you order will fit you right. Even then, they have a fair return policy and great customer service that respond quickly to any inquiry within 24 hours.

My body is coming back together, but throughout my recuperation, this shapewear has been heaven sent! And now that I will start being able to work out a little, whenever my little nugget lets me, I will continue to rely on my shapewear. It will keep me looking and feel great, no matter what I wear!

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  1. I buy a lot on the Internet and I am a big fan of sports products, trust them and make no mistake. Everything was perfect. I recommend.

  2. I have placed two orders in mirroressentials in the last two months and I must say that I am very satisfied. Shipping is not too fast (one week) but the products are just as you see them on screen without any deception. Quality and good prices. I will certainly repeat.

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